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Our Stockings come in four levels of medically correct compression for better circulation and relief from achy legs.
Mild Support - for tired achy legs, minor ankle, leg and foot swelling or mild varicose veins.
Moderate Support - for travel, pregnancy, ankle, leg and foot swelling and more severe varicose veins.
Firm Support - for post-surgical use, moderate edema or more serious leg swelling, and moderate to severe varicosities.
Very Firm Support - Surgical Support must only be worn with your doctor's recommendation.
Note: Firm and Very Firm Stockings should only be worn when recommended by a doctor.

Mild & Wide Width Mild & Regular Width Moderate & Wide Width Moderate & Regular Width Moderate & Extra Wide Width Firm & Wide Width Fitm & Regular Width Very Firm & Regular Width

Mild & Wide Mild & Regular Moderate & Wide Moderate & Regular Moderate & Extra Wide Firm & Wide Firm & Regular Very Firm & Regular
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