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AirFree® P2000 Air Purifier

AirFree® P2000 Air Purifier

Item # FF7432

If you are looking for the most effective, noise-free, and power efficient air purifier you can find -then your search is over. AirFree® purifiers are all absolutely silent but effectively purify all of the air in a room. No filters to change, nothing to clean, and virtually nothing gets past the incinerating capillaries of Airfree® -no allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, etc. Sold? Then scroll to the bottom to select which filter fits your room size. Enjoy living in a cleaner environment!

If you have allergies you should certainly consider this filter. Why? Because, while it is very effective in removing bacteria and viruses from the air in your environment, it is also great for removing mold, mildew, pollen, dust mite allergens, and pet allergens. It's also helpful in a room that has tobacco or other organic odors. We've included the testing below that prove the effectiveness of Airfree® Air Purifiers so that you can read the clinical testing and see for yourself why we love Airfree® so much.

How does it work? How do I know that my Airfree® Air Purifier is working?
Using a patented technology called TSS, Airfree® destroys microorganisms at its heated capillaries. Contaminated air is dragged into Airfree's ceramic core by air convection and microorganisms are destroyed at high temperature regardless of how resistant and dangerous they might be. Unlike the air filters that you'll commonly find, Airfree® is more efficient with the smallest microorganisms as they are easily carried by Airfree's airflow into its heated ceramic core. Airfree® destroys (not trap or attract to other surface) any microorganism regardless of how small they might be. 99.99% of all organic particles are fully destroyed when passing through the Airfree® U.S. patented ceramic core. Airfree's new technology uses heat to purify the air. No side effects, no emissions, NO IONS, no new particles are generated. Airfree® should be used in all homes and offices, because Airfree® quietly, constantly, and efficiently purify's the air.

Because it's noiseless it's understandable that you might wonder if this device is actually doing anything. You can feel heat rising from the top of Airfree® and this tells you that the purifier is indeed working. After a few days you'll probably be able to tell for yourself that the air in whatever room you place Airfree® is cleaner and fresher.

How and where is AirFree® used?
Airfree® is great for any room of your house or office - basically anywhere you want to enjoy purified air. You can even use it in closets over 330 square feet. Airfree® Air Purifiers are designed to run continuously and use less energy than a 60 watt light bulb. Just plug Airfree® in and forget it!

Which AirFree® model is right for me?
Choose your AirFree® Air Purifier by the size of the room. Below are the room sizes that each is designed to purify. Remember that these specifications are for normal rooms with normal ceiling heights, (rooms with standard 8' tall ceilings). Rooms with oversized height will affect the performance of AirFree® purifiers and extend the amount of time it will take to purify the air.

T800 Air Purifier is recommended for rooms up to 180 square feet.
Fit800 Air Purifier is recommended for rooms up to 180 square feet and can be wall mounted.
P1000 Air purifier is recommended for rooms up to 450 square feet.
P2000 Air purifier is recommended for rooms up to 550 square feet.
Onix 3000 Air Purifier is recommended for rooms up to 650 square feet.
Lotus is recommended for rooms up to 650 square feet and has user selectable color led lights.

Click here to see Air Flow test results

Click here to see Ozone test results

Click here to see Mold test results

Click here to see Stae of CA test results

Click here to see US Mold test results

Click here to see Dust Mites test results

Airfree® Air Purifiers ship directly to you from the manufacturer.

Item can only be shipped within the Continental US.
Please note: Delivery time for this item is 1-2 weeks. 

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