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Nubax Trio Traction Device

Nubax Trio Traction Device

Item # FE7212

Stretch Your Spine without Hanging Upside Down
Spinal decompression helps stimulate circulation, which can relieve stiffand painful muscles, increase flexibility, clear muscle congestion, and increase energy. An alternative to traditional inversion tables, the Jobri BetterBack® Nubax Trio Traction Device uses your own body weight to gently stretch your spine, so you get the benefits of decompression without hanging upside down.
The Nubax Trio creates an arc when rotated forward to relieve pressure on your spine. It holds your spine in a completely neutral position, with your shoulders and hips held squarely, reducing potential injury from improper use. The compact traction device is portable and easy to store; can be used anywhere, any time; and does not require the same assistance in loading and loading as an inversion table. That makes it perfect for people with limited mobility. Also, because you do not hang upside down, you may also experience fewer side effects from high blood pressure or acid reflux and there is less pressure on ankles and knees. Use the Nubax Trio for spinal decompression therapy and as part of a normal fitness routine to help build and maintain a strong and healthy back. Clinically trialed and FDA-approved. Dimensions: 22.5'' H x 31.5'' W x 17'' D.
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