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Support Plus Offers The Greatest Choice in Support Hose
No one in the world offers this type of choice and it is all in stock for immediate shipment at competitive pricing. The Support Plus Guarantee protects you even if you make a fitting error. You are in control.

Who needs Support Hose? — Anyone, at any age, who wants to stay healthy and active, yet may experience tired achy legs, varicose veins, post surgical conditions and more serious leg problems. If you have only experienced support from ordinary "support hose" you are in for a treat. And you will be pleasantly surprised when you see how sheer and attractive medical support looks. They are easier on your pocketbook because they last much longer.

Why buy "medical hosiery" rather than ordinary "support hosiery"? — Only medical hosiery give you graduated support and more compression. Ordinary support hose will measure in a range from 3 to 7 mm/Hg at the ankle, not nearly enough compression to have any beneficial effect.

What do the "mm/Hg" readings mean? — The mm/Hg stands for "Millimeters of Mercury", the force by which compression at the ankle is measured. The higher the number, the greater the therapeutic pressure at the ankle. Note: If you are not sure which level is correct for you , take this catalog with the index chart to your doctor and ask for advice. Firm support should always be used only with your doctor's agreement.

Why is graduate support important? — Graduated support give you more support at the ankle and gradually diminishing pressure up the leg, helping promote blood flow. Pain is reduced and you stay more active. We show the compression at the ankle as a range since the bigger your ankle is within your proper size the larger the measured compression will be.

The perfect fit — All leg measurements for support hose should be taken first thing in the morning before your legs have a tendency to swell. See the measuring directions on the corresponding chart for each pair or support hose.

Choosing the right support — Our hose provides at least double the support of your typical department store "support hose" and it's all classified by the level of support provided, measured as "millimeters of Mercury" or mm/Hg.

Mild Support (8—15 mm/Hg) Twice the support of regular "support hose," this is the lowest support we offer and is very good for relieving daily leg fatigue and helping to prevent varicose veins. These styles are the easiest to don and come in the widest variety of styles, yarns, and colors.

Moderate Support (15—20 mm/Hg) The start of truly medical hose, these styles are effective for:
  • preventing economy class syndrome
  • reducing minor varicose veins and preventing new ones
  • relieving swelling in the ankles and legs (edema)
  • tired, aching legs
Firm Support (20—30 mm/Hg) The "workhorse" of medical hose, the styles are:
  • Ideal for more severe varicose veins
  • Recommended for post—surgical wear
  • Treats ankle and leg swelling
  • Effective for ongoing treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis
Very Firm Support (30—40 mm/Hg) This is the highest level of support we offer and should only be used when recommended by your doctor.

Here at Support Plus, we make it easy to find quality solutions and we back everything with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee — if you don't like what you order, you can return it for refund or exchange with no hassles or restocking fees.

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